Evaluating Laser Slicing Machines: CO vs Fiber Laser Expertise

Laser expertise has revolutionized the way in which reducing is completed in lots of industries. Laser reducing machines have been used for precision reducing of varied supplies like metals, plastics, wooden, ceramics, and extra. The greatest laser reducing machines are quick, correct, and extremely environment friendly, making them splendid for producing exact shapes and complex particulars in all kinds of supplies.

These reducing machines are the popular selection for a lot of industrial manufacturing purposes as a result of their skill to chop complicated shapes with excessive pace and accuracy. The laser beam utilized in laser reducing machines is generated by a fuel, resembling nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or a mix of the 2 gases. The beam is then directed onto the fabric to be minimize, the place it’s absorbed by the fabric and the vitality is transformed into warmth, melting or burning away the fabric. Because the beam strikes throughout the fabric, a computer-controlled system directs the beam’s path to observe a predetermined reducing path.

Two major forms of laser reducing applied sciences are CO2 and fiber lasers. On this article, we’ll evaluate these applied sciences and discover their benefits and downsides.

CO2 Laser Expertise

CO2 lasers are fuel lasers that use a mix of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium gases for the laser beam. The CO2 laser beam is generated by passing an electrical present by means of a gas-filled tube after which amplifying it utilizing a sequence of mirrors. CO2 lasers have been round for a few years and had been the primary sort of laser expertise used for reducing.

They’re nonetheless broadly used right this moment for industrial reducing and welding purposes as a result of their excessive energy output and skill to chop by means of thick supplies. CO2 lasers are additionally utilized in medical procedures, resembling pores and skin resurfacing and eradicating tattoos. One other benefit of CO2 lasers is their effectivity, as they convert a better proportion of their vitality into the laser beam in comparison with different forms of lasers. Nevertheless, they do require a cooling system to stop overheating and preserve their efficiency.

Fiber Laser Expertise

Fiber lasers are solid-state lasers that use a fiber optic cable to ship the laser beam. The laser beam is generated by diodes and amplified by means of a fiber optic cable. Fiber lasers have been round for over a decade, and their reputation continues to develop as they turn into extra inexpensive and environment friendly.

Fiber lasers are generally utilized in industrial purposes, resembling steel reducing and welding, in addition to in healthcare for procedures resembling tattoo removing and eye surgical procedures. They’re recognized for his or her excessive precision and skill to provide high-quality and constant outcomes. As expertise continues to advance, it’s anticipated that fiber lasers will turn into much more widespread and versatile of their purposes.

Which Expertise to Select?

The selection between CO2 and fiber laser expertise is determined by the kind of materials being minimize and the specified degree of precision. In case you are reducing thicker supplies, then a CO2 laser can be the higher selection. If it’s good to minimize thinner supplies with a excessive degree of precision, then a fiber laser can be the higher selection.

With regards to choosing between CO2 and fiber laser expertise, all of it comes right down to the fabric’s thickness and the specified degree of accuracy. CO2 lasers are most popular for reducing thicker supplies, whereas fiber lasers are extra appropriate for thinner supplies that require precision reducing. Subsequently, it’s important to contemplate the fabric beforehand to find out probably the most appropriate laser expertise for the actual software.


In conclusion, CO2 and fiber laser applied sciences have their benefits and downsides. CO2 lasers can minimize thicker supplies, are cheaper to keep up, and have a decrease upfront value. Nevertheless, they produce decrease beam high quality and are much less energy-efficient. Fiber lasers, then again, have wonderful beam high quality, are vitality environment friendly, and produce clear cuts. Nevertheless, they’re costlier to keep up and have a better upfront value. Finally, the selection between the 2 applied sciences is determined by the precise wants of your online business.